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Exhaust Systems for HONDA CIVIC vehicles

Civic type R  2.0 16v VTEC EP3 - 10/01>09/05

S/Steel System (2.5" bore)


 £441.98 incl. VAT

Select :-

S/Steel CAT Bypass (2.5" bore)


  £124.98 incl. VAT

Select :- 

 requires Piper manifold

S/Steel Sports CAT (2.5" bore)


  £309.98 incl. VAT

Select :- 

 requires Piper manifold

S/Steel Manifold


  £399.98 incl. VAT

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requires Piper CAT bypass or sports CAT

Stainless steel cat back exhaust system for the Civic. Made in 2.50" pipework with 2 race spec silencers to keep within track day noise limits, yet not restrict performance. Rolling road testing showed a gain of 21.9bhp and 18.5lbft when this system was fitted with our manifold and sports cat.

 Power - BHP  Before - 199.5 @ 8137  After - 221.4 @ 7908

 Torque - FTLB Before - 135.3 @ 7106  After - 153.8 @ 7243

CAT bypass


Sports CAT

Following the success of Piper's system for the EP3 Honda Civic Type R, they have now released a manifold, SportsCAT and system for the FN2 model Honda Civic Type R. As usual the system is constructed from aircraft quality T304 stainless steel and features mandrel bent curves for optimum gas flow. Tests on an independent rolling road dyno have shown that the CAT-back system - when used in combination with the manifold and SportsCAT - will give a power increase of 14bhp.

 A Piper de-CAT pipe and a single silencer exhaust fit-to-CAT system are also available for track day cars. 

Civic type R  2.0 16v VTEC FN2 - 2007 onwards

S/Steel System (2.5" bore) twin silencer


 £527.98 incl. VAT


(includes central silencer)

S/Steel CAT Bypass (2.5" bore)


  £189.98 incl. VAT


 requires Piper manifold

S/Steel Sports CAT (2.5" bore)


  £333.98 incl. VAT


 requires Piper manifold

S/Steel Manifold


  £452.98 incl. VAT


requires Piper CAT bypass or sports CAT

Notes:  Both a "Manifold AND sports cat" OR "Manifold AND de cat" must be fitted together. These will replace the standard manifold and cat sections.  Fitting either the de-cat or sports cat will cause the "Engine check light" to come on. To get this light turned off, either a custom map is required or an "02 Simulator" be fitted. The sports cat will still pass an MOT but a de-cat is not road legal and is for show/display purposes only and will not pass an MOT.

THON4A twin silencer

THON4B single silencer

CAT bypass - CAT60B

Sports CAT - CAT60C

Manifold, MO57

Delivery charge for exhausts (back box or system) is £15.00

To Order, please  select tail pipe (where applicable)  and then  click on the "add to basket" button.  Once in the shopping cart screen, select the correct delivery charge for exhausts.

On the order page, please provide full details of your make & model of vehicle, so we can ensure that you receive the correct specification.  If you wish to discuss your requirements first, then you can phone us on  01723 363786. Our shop hours are 10.00am to 4.00pm, Wednesday to Friday and 10.00am to 1.00pm, Saturday.

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