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Steering Wheel Boss Kits from:  Springalex

for Bond vehicles

Please note, we do not recommend that you attempt to fit steering wheels to vehicles fitted with air bags.


Select 'Classic Traditional' for 101mm p.c.d. fixing, 88mm centre bore wheels.

Select 'Classic Competition'  or 'Sports' bosses for 70 or 74 mm p.c.d. fixing, 54mm centre bore wheels.

(p.c.d. = pitch circle diameter - see diagram. This is the diameter of a circle described through the fixing holes in the boss kit.)

(note: when ordering boss kits from us, these do come complete with a black, centre horn push)

All prices include VAT.       Springalex  kits

These bosses are compatible with steering wheels manufactured by Mountney, Moto-Lita and Springalex. Also, the 70mm & 75mm bosses will fit steering wheels by Dino, Ifra, Italvolanti, Jamex, Momo, Nardi, Personal, Raid, Selm, Sparco & Sportline.

Bond Equipe - classic traditional (101mm p.c.d.) -  all years   (ref SB029)

 £21.98 including VAT

Bond Equipe - classic competition (70 or 74 mm p.c.d.) -  all years   (ref KK1029)

 £31.98 including VAT

( the specification for your particular vehicle may differ in appearance from these examples)

  <- - Sports Boss,  70mm p.c.d.


Classic Traditional, 101mm p.c.d. - - >


Also, the following boss kit manufactured by Mountney is available.

Bond Equipe -  classic traditional   (101mm p.c.d.) -  all years.  CHROME version  (ref MB029C)

(please note: the horn push on this chrome version is black)


 £25.98 including VAT


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